Online Betting on Basketball: tips and strategies to win

For us, the staff of Bet365, one of the favorite sports to bet on is definitely basketball. Overlooked by many bettors with Bet365, basketball can bring great benefit to online players, of course, only if you know how good bet.

Our staff is betting on matches every day, both the European and NBA basketball. On each game there are many betting options, especially on Bet365, Bet at Home and Unibet.

Tips and strategies for successful betting on basketball comes as a natural consequence of a lot of work and analysis of statistics on the two teams.

DO NOT ever bet on a match itself. On one hand you bet on just two hits (there is no “X” as in football ), on the other fronts during a normal match is often reversed, mountains of points are scored and can really happen.

A final rule still valid for betting on basketball: know the game and its rules in every detail Bet365, especially. And read the game carefully to avoid careless or inaccurate: if you do not know the meaning and the rules of a type of bet on basketball, it’s best to let it go and bet on something else.

Betting on tennis

Is it possible to win by betting on tennis with Bet365? The answer is YES! Tips such as those published in this article will allow you to bet on tennis simply by following the results on the Internet, looking at the evolution of the race, following the trend of the scores without necessarily having to watch the match on television or worse in pay-TV.

Please read this article to the end, following the examples that we present clear: our tips will help you win by betting on tennis.


Win by betting on tennis:

In a game that has a balance, on the edge of “balance” (ie with a score of 3-3, 4-4, 5-5 ) from the tennis player a disadvantage of 0-40, the service can to replace the lead Bet365 to 40 and even to win the game has many chances to win the set. Try to place live bets on tennis following this indication.

When in a game of tennis is a situation similar to this one just described, the match is providing us with information DETERMINANTS: making reassemble the tennis player shows little ability to deal the final blow, the one that ended the game winner. This finds himself in a situation of great psychological disadvantage on which we can bet to win with Bet365, predicting the risk that the tennis player in the lead runs, or prejudice the outcome of the next game.

Win by betting on tennis:

The comeback player who, in addition to entering into a situation of great psychological advantage, especially demonstrates the fundamental qualities to win in court, and for us to win our bets on the courts: we need to focus on mental strength, Bet365 character, ability to deal winning shots in moments critics of the match, ability to react in a very difficult time.

The “reading” of a tennis match can be done live, without the need to follow it on television. For online betting on tennis winning with our advice, just sign up and deposit on one of the top bookmaker Bet365 that we have selected, where we can confirm the absolute functionality of our techniques to win, Bet365, Bet at Home and Unibet.

10 criteria for choosing your bookmaker

Types of Bets: Bet365 offers both types of bets standard (the first marker, under / over, the number of goals, correct score, betting on the winner of the match, singles etc.. ) That the types of bets we say “original”. A good overview of the events proposed is useful for identifying types of bets profitable and interesting.

Interface: from the very first glance it is important to feel comfortable with the interface and the usability of an online betting site. It also checks the availability of your language. It usually means that the bookmaker Bet365 has employees in the native language that you will be able to ask for help in case of need.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods: It is easier and less expensive to make the deposit and withdrawal of bookmaker Bet365 compared to others. Analyze and choose the best payment system (Neteller, Moneybookers, Credit Card or accepted) will go to the benefit of your wallet!

Customer Service: If you had a problem with bookmaker Bet365, it is important to have a customer service ever present, fast, friendly, knowledgeable and above all, with operators who speak the same language.

Security: Although there is no risk in using an online bookmaker Bet365, make sure of the reliability of the safety systems and the confidentiality of the website of your choice. We can guarantee that all the bookmaker Bet365 that 123 betting sponsors are guaranteed and 100% reliable.

Legal and reliable site: sites must have a European license to provide online gaming services in all legality. Always pay close attention to the sites patently illegal or notoriously unreliable. The list of bookmaker Bet365 to avoid sportsbooks blacklist is published in the Review.